About Psilos
Building the Foundation for Growth

Investment Criteria:

Psilos seeks to be the lead investor in companies that have:

    • An industry-transforming service, technology or product idea;
    • A strong, experienced and visionary management team;
    • Broad applicability to a large and growing market;
    • A compelling and sound business model with superior returns potential;
    • A demonstrated track record of revenue growth and customer acquisition;
    • Strong intellectual property and high barriers to entry; and,
    • Entrepreneurs desirous of forming a strong partnership with their investors.

In keeping with our investment philosophy, we look for companies offering products and services that advance the effective operation of the healthcare economy -- where cost savings and enhanced quality of medical outcomes combine in a system that aligns the incentives of patients, payers and providers.

Investment Stage: We are a growth-oriented firm and thus focus intently on investing at the stage in a company’s development where the clinical, technology and, often, initial adoption risk has passed. For Psilos, this typically involves investment in the second or third institutional rounds of financing. The companies in which we invest are actively selling their products and generating revenues approaching $10 million. In the healthcare services and healthcare IT areas, we seek companies that can demonstrate an ability to achieve positive cash flow within 12-18 months. In the medical technology area, we invest in companies that have achieved U.S. regulatory approval and launched their products into the market. Of course, Psilos will also invest in companies that have surpassed these milestones and are later in their development. We view our sweet spot as those healthcare companies that have experienced strong initial demand in the market for their products and are seeking capital to finance growth and expansion.

Investment Size: Psilos typically invests between $8-$15 million initially into companies, with an expectation of investing up to $20-$25 million over the life of an investment.

Investment Geography: United States.

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