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Healthcare IT


HealthEdge provides the only integrated financial, administrative and clinical software platform for healthcare payors. The HealthRules® platform, built on modern, patented technology, delivers for the first time, a suite of software products that enables payers to leverage new business models, improve outcomes, drastically reduce administrative costs and connect everyone in the healthcare delivery cycle.
PatientSafe Solutions offers a technology platform to eliminate medical errors in hospitals, including nurse workflow products for medication error reduction, and vital sign, lab sample and blood product monitoring. Their products operate on its wireless handheld device, enabling improved bedside efficiency and increased hospital profitability.



ActiveHealth Management, Inc. was a leading provider of health management services, including disease management, clinical decision support and personal health records. Acquired by Aetna Insurance in May of 2005.
Health Hero Network, Inc. developed and marketed the Health Buddy® system for remote care monitoring and continuous health improvement. Acquired by the Bosch Group in December 2007.
HealthScribe, Inc. provided outsourced medical transcription services to the healthcare industry. Acquired by Spheris, Inc. in December 2004.
QualityMetric, Inc. worked with the world’s largest healthcare and life sciences companies to measure health outcomes. Their products helped market new drugs and biologics, track health improvement or decline, screen populations for disease, and identify future health risks.