About Psilos
Investment Philosophy:

The healthcare economy is poised for transformation. As pressures in other sectors of the economy place even greater pressure on healthcare in America, the market is especially ripe for new business models and innovative solutions.  These solutions must reduce the cost of delivering healthcare to our citizenry while improving the quality of care and patient outcomes for all.  Now, more than ever, there is a rising demand for new business solutions that deliver real value for each healthcare dollar. Key value drivers include:

    • adoption and proliferation of evidence-based medicine;
    • an orientation towards prevention and wellness;
    • active engagement of the consumer/patient in the prevention and treatment process;
    • better organization, coordination and management of care;
    • elimination of medical errors; and,
    • data and technology-driven solutions to enhance the clinical and financial value of services received.

Psilos invests in essential services, information technologies and medical technologies that rise to the challenges of the new and evolving healthcare economy. We are specifically looking for innovative products and services that:

    • reduce healthcare system costs;
    • enhance quality of care; and,
    • align the economic and clinical incentives of patients, payers and providers.

Bryce Williams, President and CEO, talks about how Extend Health improves retiree satisfaction with their health plans, while reducing costs for plan sponsors.

Extend Health pioneered and operated the largest Medicare plan exchange in the United States. The Company provided an account-based model for maximizing the value of retiree healthcare to Corporate America, unions, and governments as they sought new and innovative approaches to meet their healthcare benefit obligations, control costs, provide informed employee choice and reduce current administrative complexities. Extend Health was acquired by Towers Watson in May 2012.