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Healthcare Innovation At Work

The healthcare economy of the next ten to twenty years will undergo significant transformation. Psilos’ goal is to identify and support those companies that are positioned to drive enduring positive change in the system, particularly cost-savings and quality of care improvements. We invest in companies that deploy new technologies and delivery models which overcome traditional barriers to adoption and that actively align the incentives, financial and clinical, of patients, payers and providers.

Psilos invests in the healthcare services, healthcare information technology and medical technology (devices and diagnostics) sectors. Innovation in these three areas is essential to the well-being of the healthcare economy and provides tremendous opportunity for investment and growth.

Our investment model results in a portfolio of transformative healthcare companies run by superb entrepreneurs and management teams. It is always our goal to contribute meaningfully to each company’s successful outcome in order to deliver superior financial returns to our limited partners.


Martin Watson, President & CEO, discusses how SeeChange Health's focus on total population health management and employee engagement has proven effective in lowering healthcare costs.

SeeChange Health, LLC provides value-based health insurance programs, data analytics, and personalized Health Action Plans to consistently improve the health profile of individuals insured by small and large employers, insurance carriers, and third party administrators. Sold through its SeeChange Health and HealthInsight subsidiaries, SeeChange's value-based benefit plans reduce company expenses through proactive health management and early detection of health conditions. Benefits encourage members with complex diseases, such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease, to adhere to recommended treatment plans through financial incentives, such as reduced co-pays and lower deductibles.